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The aims of the  CCMHS are set out below

our motto

Be Committed, Strive for Quality and achieve Success.

This society has many long term objectives: -

1. The preservation of available mining history, memorabilia, photographs and artefacts of the Cannock Chase Coalfield

2. To maintain a Historical Society with its Allegiance to the Coal Mining Industry of the Cannock Chase  Coalfield

3. To provide educational information for local schools and the community in the form of booklets, pamphlets and talks.

In the short term it is hoped to further the long term objectives by the preparation of short histories of the many Colliery Companies and their Colliery's c1850 - 1993

This will lead to the Societies initial main objective the publishing of a  book which will be a Definitive History of the Cannock Chase Coalfield the Colliery Companies and their Colliery's c1850 - 1993. The Society will follow this with and Educational  worksheets, videos and this website to make the information available at minimal cost.

It is hoped in due time to collect written and tape recorded memoirs from the ever decreasing ex-miners before their thoughts fade and their words die forever.

                                          MISSION STATEMENT

The members of the Cannock Chase Mining Historical Society are indebted to the Coal Mining Industry of this district and with  its demise in the locality we are now committed and dedicated to preserve our Coalmining Heritage its history, artefacts, photographs and memorabilia in anyway possible.

How will we do this

We are established within the Museum of Cannock Chase although we are not part of it we will work with it. We can therefore provide a depository for any of the items we collect. The CCMHS has adopted the collections management policy of the Museum of Cannock Chase who have kindly agreed to act as custodians of any items collected for the Society.

We will establish a focal point to collect and collate any information we gather in whatever form it appears.

We will  utilise wherever possible all expertise from within the ex-mining fraternity of the Cannock Chase District. We will also call upon the expertise of people from outside this area when it is required.

 We will research from all available sources to enable us to publish the Definitive History of the Cannock Chase Coalfield. These records will be archived and will be available to any person who wishes to view them. The research will also lead to the production of the Educational Worksheets and the video.

Members will promote the CCMHS so that the CCMHS can appeal to other established organisation and the general public for information artefacts, photographs, documents and memorabilia about the Cannock Chase Coalfield.

To view the CCMHS Constitution Document follow the link CCMHS Constitution Document

To view the CCMHS rules follow the link CCMHS RULES

The CCMHS URGENTLY REQUIRES the following; -

Written reports, Papers, Photographs, Personal observations of any and all coalmining matters, Artefacts and Memorabilia of any sort.

The slogan of this Society is:-

                               PLEASE LET US SEE IT                     BEFORE YOU BIN It


  To Contact an Official of the CCMHS (we will endeavour to answer any reasonable question)

Chairman-    Alan Dean

Secretary-    Margaret Dean