This is the last known colliery that these  miners worked at, they may have worked elsewhere but space is limited at present

                                                                Colliery: - WEST  COLLIERY COMPANY LTD         Location: - HEDNESFORD

key: - UG = underground   SF = surface

note: -collieries worked at are in the order of last colliery shown first in column








William Saunders    West Cannock ?     deceased
Reginald Smith    West Cannock ?     deceased
Robert Kilgallon    West Cannock ?     deceased
West Cannock No.1pit          
Fredrick Davies    1s     deceased
Archie Maiden  Miner  1s  U/G  1920 - 1958 deceased
Norman Maiden  Miner  1s  u/g  1920 - 1958 deceased
Alfred George  Marriott  Safety Officer      1930s deceased
Joseph Marriott  Electrician  1s & 2s then 39yrs at Littleton  u/g  1946 - 1985 deceased
George Plant    1s     deceased
Charles Pointon    1s     deceased
John Pointon         deceased
Edward Rollins    1s      
George Watkiss    1s     deceased
Bill Williams    1s     deceased
Victor Williams    1s     deceased
Harold (nippy)Wright  Undermanager   1s & 2s   Whole Mine      
West Cannock 2s Caggies          
Eric Mason    3s     deceased
Alan Roadway    2s & 3s     deceased
Herbert Roadway    2s & 3s     deceased
John Smith    2s     deceased
Cecil Stokes    2s     deceased
 Eric Witts         deceased
West Cannock No.3          
Len (Ossie) Cotterrell  Faceman (Bevan Boy)  W/C 3s & Cannock Wood  U/G  1944 - 1948 -1948  deceased Herfordshire
John A Hubbard  Faceman  West Cannock 3s  U/G  Killed in roof fall 1935  Chadsmoor
Richard H Hubbard  Faceman  West Cannock 3s  U/G  Killed in roof fall 1935  Chadsmoor
Andrew Murray Fireman/Deputy  3s/5s Rescue man 1927-39  UG  1917-39 / 1946-1958 deceased 1969
Bill Rowe    3s     deceased
Wilfred Stanton    3s     deceased
Cyril Titley    3s      
Wilfred Titley    3s      
Isiah Walker    3s      
West Cannock No.4          
West Cannock No.5          
Bill Allen  Manager  5s  SF - UG  1944  
Billy Allen  Deputy  5s & 2s  ug   deceased
M Allen  Shaftsman  5s & Lea Hall  SF - UG    
Frank Ansell           Miner  5s  ug    
B Archer  Electrician  5s  UG  
George Archer  Miner - Stallman  5s  UG 1933 (killed Explosion) deceased
George Archer  Bricklayer  5s  SF 1982  
Brian Ashley  Fitter  5s &  8s  SF - ug    
Dennis Ashley  Fitter/Van driver  5s &  Wood  SF    
Bill Aston  Miner - coalface  5s & Valley  ug    
Percy Attwood  Mechanic  5s & Valley  ug    
Sid Badger   Miner - Coalface   5s   UG    
Roy Badger   Miner - Coalface  5s    UG    
Colin (Digger )Bailey  Miner   5s    UG    
George Bailey  Overman  5s  ug   deceased
Frank Bailey  Lamproom  5s  sf    
F Bailey  Electrician  5s  UG    
Sam (Nudger) Bailey  Miner - Locos  5s  UG    
Roy Baker  Miner -Supplies  5s  ug    
Reg Barber  Colliery General Manager  5s - Lea Hall - Area Staff  sf - ug    
Graham Barham  Electrician Locomotives  5s  ug    
J Barham  Clerk  5s  sf    
Fred Barlow  Mechanic - Coalface  5s  ug    
Ernie Barratt   Assistant mech Engineer  5s  UG   deceased
Stan Barrett  Mechanic  5s  ug    
Maurice Baskerfield  Electrician  5s  SF - UG    
Joe Bate  Electrician  5s  ug - sf    
Ken Bate  Electrician  5s  UG  1974-1983(Littleton) 1983-1986  
B Baugh  Miner  5s  ug    
C Baugh  Pit Top  5s  sf   deceased
J Baugh  Miner  5s  ug    
S Baugh  Miner  5s  ug    
Alan Baxter  Electrician - Coalface  5s  ug    
John Baxter  Electrician - Coalface   5s  UG     
Noel Baxter  Mechanic - Coalface  5s   UG    deceased 
William (Bill) Beavon   Timekeeper  5s  SF   deceased  
Edward  (Ted) Beavan  Assistant Manager Mining  5s &  8s & Walsall Wood  ug   deceased
J Bevan  Deputy  5s  UG   deceased  
R Bevan  Mechanic  5s  ug    
Glynn Beeson  Washery Mechanic  5s  sf   deceased
Jasper Benko  Welder  5s  UG   deceased
Frank Bennett  Fitter  5s & Valley  UG   deceased
Gordon Berrow  Blacksmith  5s  sf - ug   deceased
Fred Betts  Electrician - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
     5s  UG    
Bill Benn  Pit top foreman  5s  SF   deceased
Ken Billingham  Miner - Coalface  5s & Hilton Main  UG    
Harold Bird (Mechanic)  Mechanic - Coalface  5s - Valley  UG   deceased
G Birch  Electrician  5s  sf   deceased
Ken Birch  Locomotive Driver  5s  sf   deceased
Reg Bishop   Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Eddy Blakely  Colliery General Manager  5s  ug - sf  1979 deceased
Gil Bolas  Shaftsman  5s & Littleton  SF   deceased
Jack Boon  Banksman  5s  sf   deceased
Bill Bore snr  Miner - Header  5s  UG   deceased
Bill Bore jnr   Miner - Coalface / deputy  5s & Littleton  UG   deceased
Jim Borton    Winding Engineman  5s - Valley  SF   deceased
Arthur Bosworth  Assistant Mech Engineer  5s  sf   deceased
Cliff (knifer) Bough  Pit Top Circuit  5s & Littleton  sf   deceased
Bill Bough  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
William (Bill) Bowen)  Overman  5s & East Cannock  UG   deceased
T Box  Baths Attendant  5s  sf   deceased
Tom Brace  Stockyard foreman  5s  SF   deceased
Bill Brace  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Roland Bradbury  Mechanic  5s & Valley  UG   deceased
Tony Brazier  Overman  5s  UG   deceased
Jim Brereton  Surveyor  5s  UG/SF    
Ken Brew  Electrician  5s  ug   deceased
Harold Bridgard  Miner - Coalface  5s & Valley  UG   deceased
Colin Bromley  Personal Manager  5 & Littleton  SF   deceased
Frank Bromley  Electrician  5s  SF   deceased
Gordon Bromley  Carpenter  5s  sf    
Bill Brooks   Pipe Fitter  5s  UG   deceased
Graham Brookes  Time Keeper  5s  sf   deceased
Frank Brooks  Electrician  5s  UG   deceased
Jim Brotherston  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Jack Brown  Banksman  5s  SF   deceased
Mick Brown  Shift Charge Engineer  5s & Littleton  UG   deceased
Ian Buckley  Mechanic - Undergroung   5s / Lea Hall  UG   1973-1982 / 1982-1990   
John Buckley  Electrician - Coalface  5s & Littleton  UG    
Roger Bull   Miner - Coalface  shearer driver  5s  UG    
Joe Bullock snr  Miner Coalface  shearer driver  5s &  8s  UG   deceased
David Bullock  Miner  5s + Leahall  UG    
Andy Burdett  Coal Face Worker   5s   UG    
Paddy Burke  Electrical  5s  UG/SF   deceased
Ralph Burton  Assistant Electrical Engineer  5s & Valley  UG/SF deceased
Gordon Burrows  Blacksmith  5s  SF   deceased
Don Bushnell  Undermanager  5s  sf - ug   deceased
Alec Caine  Washery Mechanic  5s  SF deceased
Charlie Cain  Washery  5s  sf   deceased
Charles (Horace) Capewell  Blacksmith/Mechanic  5s + Valley& + East  UG   deceased
Lou Cannon  Minecar Repairs  5s  sf   deceased
Vince Cannon  Latcher (surveyors)  5s  UG   deceased
Gordon Calladine  Method Study  5s  UG/SF   deceased 1993
Bill Chapman  Mechanisation team then Undermanager  5s   UG/SF  1952-1977   
Harry Carter  Blacksmith  5s  sf    
Gary Cartwright  Miner  5s & ?  UG   deceased
Fred (Cag) Cartwright  Union Rep/Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Reg Cartwright  Electrician  5s &  UG   deceased
Alan Challenor  Electrician Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Nobby Charlesworth  Miner Coalface  5s  UG    
Bill Churm  Overman  5s & Hilton Main ?  UG   deceased
Cyril Clancy  Electrician  5s  u/u   deceased
Bill Clare  Miner Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Sister Clayton  Colliery Nurse  5s  UG/SF   deceased
Fred Cliff  Washery foreman Mechanic  5s  SF   deceased
T Cocker  Screens  5s  sf   deceased
Wilf Colbourne  Bulldozer Driver  5s  SF   deceased
Alec Cole   Mechanic Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Keith Cooke  Electrician Coalface  5s  UG    
Sid Cook  Boiler Miner  5s  sf   deceased
Jack Cooper  Electrician  5s  SF   deceased
Reg Cooper  Electrician workshops  5s  s/f   deceased
Gordon Corbett  (deputy)  Deputy  5s  UG   deceased
Roy Corbert  Electrician Coalface  5s  UG    
Steve Coxon  Electrician   5s   UG      
Jim Crabtree  Miner - Deputy  5s  UG   deceased
Andy Craddock  Mechanic Coalface  5s & Littleton  UG    
David Craddock  Miner / Lamproom  5s  UG & sf    
George Craddock   Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Ray Craddock  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG    
Graham Creswell  Senior Deputy Electrical Engineer  5s - Fair Lady  sf - ug    
Tom Crutchley   Mechanic - Coalface  5s / Valley / Cannock Wood  UG   deceased
Aiden Cutter  Under Manager  5s & Littleton & Granville  UG   deceased
Fred Dale  Assistant Mech Engineer  5s  sf   deceased
Albert Dando  Miner - Rockheader  5s  UG   deceased
Albert Dando  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Ernie Dando  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Mick Dando  Miner - Header/Coalface  5s  UG    
Fred Davenport  Miner - Coalface  5s      
Kevin Davidson  Miner  5s / Littleton  UG  5s 1978-1982 the Littleton to1993  
Dennis Davis  Electrician - Coalface  5s  UG    
Ernie Davies   Miner - Coalface  5s - Valley  UG   deceased
Barry Davis   Miner - Coalface shearer driver  5s - Valley  UG    
Keith (buller) Davis  Overman  5s - Valley  UG   deceased
Paul Davis   Ventilation  5s & Lea hall  UG    
Arthur Dawes  Miner / - Coalface - Supplies  5s & Fair Lady  UG   deceased
Jim Dawes  Check Office  5s  sf   deceased
Sid Dawes  Miner / - Coalface - Supplies  5s & Fair Lady  UG   deceased
Bobby (Squeak) Dawson  Miner general  5s &  UG   deceased
Bernard Deakin   Blacksmith  5s  UG   deceased
Graham Deakin  Miner / general  5s surface  SF (killed accident) deceased
Alan Dean  Assistant mech Engineer  5s & Littleton   UG 1964 - 1993  
Tommy Dean  Deputy  5s & Lea Hall  UG  1951 - 1976 deceased
Ross Dennison  Miner /Powder magazine  5s & Valley  UG   deceased
Martin Devey  Carpenter   5s & Lea hall   SF/UG     
Jack Dias  Miner - Coalface  5s    UG   deceased 
Christopher Drinkwater  119s Loading Point Pikerose  5s  UG  1964 + deceased
Chris Drinkwater  Storeman  5s  SF  1964 + deceased
J Drinkwater  Overman  5s  sf   deceased
C Drinkwater  Deputy       deceased
Joe Dunkley  Electrical Foreman  5s  sf   deceased
Les Dunning  Mechanic Reclamation  5s  SF    
Michael Duvnjak    5s  UG   deceased
George Eastlake  Mechanic - Coalface    ug    
Harry Edwards  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
John Edwards  Miner - Coalface shearer driver  5s  UG   deceased
Phillip Edwards  Banksman Backpit  5s & Littleton  sf    
Sam Edwards  Miner - Coalface  5s  ug   deceased
Sid Edwards  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Simon Edwards  Overman  5s  UG   deceased
Percy Eustace  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG    
Ray Evans  Under Manager  5s & Littleton  UG   deceased
Reg (Jake)Evans  Miner   5s   UG     
Frank Ewers  Baths Superintendent  5s & Hilton Main  SF   deceased
William (Cocky) Fellows  Miner - Coalface  5s   ug    deceased 
Cal Felton  Miner - general  5s  ug   deceased
Herbert Felton  Miner - general  5s  ug   deceased
Tony Felton  Latcher  5s &  stores  UG-SF    
Ken Fearn  Dust Suppression  5s   UG   deceased
Noah Ferreday  Carpenter  5s  sf   deceased
Bill Fletcher  Assistant Mechanical Engineer  5s  UG-SF  nights deceased
Charlie Fletcher  Winding Engineman  5s  sf   deceased
Len Fletcher  Mechanical Engineer  5s-Mid Cannock-Staffs House  sf-ug    
Harold Ford    Overman  5s  UG   deceased
George Forster   Assistant mech Engineer  5s, Valley  UG   deceased
Michael Forster  Shift Charge Engineer  5s,  Wood  UG    
Ben Fowler  Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
John Fowler  Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG    
Jack Franks  Onsetter  5s  UG   deceased
Jean France  Time Office  5s  SF    
Ray France  Storekeeper  5s  SF   deceased
Les Galhear  Electrician  5s  UG/SF   deceased
Ted Gallagher   Mechanic  5s  SF   deceased
Andy Galloway  Electrician   5s    UG    
Walter Gallear  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Jack Galvin   Deputy  5s & Valley  UG   deceased
Billy (cowboy) George  Shafthead Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Bill Goggerty  Deputy  5s  UG   deceased
Keith Goldby  Mechanic underground   5s   UG     
Graham Gooch  Miner   5s   UG   deceased
Les Goodhead snr  Shaftsman  5s  UG   deceased
Les Goodhead jnr  Welder  mate  5s  SF   deceased
Charlie Gordon  Chock Mechanic/Miner  5s  UG   deceased
John Gough   Overman  5s  UG    
Paul (Goey)Gough  Miner / Deputy / Rescue man  5s / Lea Hall  UG 1969-198 / Lea Hall 1982-1990 deceased 2017
Pat Graham  Electrician - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Mick Graham  Assistant Mechanic Engineer  5s  UG/SF    
Alan Graham  Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG    
Arnie Granger  Miner - Rockheader  5s &  UG   deceased
Jack Green  Welder  5s  sf   deceased
David Greenaway Miner - Rockheader  5s, Littleton & Hilton Main  UG    
Terry Grey  Deputy Electrical Engineer  5s & Littleton  UG/SF   deceased
Ken Groom  Electrician - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Ernie Guy  Supplyman/Miner  5s & Valley  UG (killed transport accident) deceased
Mo Hadlington  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Terry Hadlington   Shaftsman  5s & Littleton  SF    
Ron (Aggie) Hadley  Miner - Rockheader  5s, Littleton & Hilton Main  UG   deceased
Joe Hale  Tub Shop  5s & ?  sf   deceased
Albert Hall  Deputy  5s  UG   deceased
Peter Hardreaves   Electrician  5s   UG    
Frank Harley   Deputy mech Engineer  5s & Brereton  UG   deceased
Graham Farmer  Blacksmith  5s  sf    
Alec Harper  Mobile plant driver  5s  sf   deceased
Ian Harper  Mechanic - Coalface   5s   UG    
Peter Harper  Apprentice Mechanic   5s & Lea Hall (mechanic)  UG  1979-80   
Bert Harvey  Colliery Mechanical Engineer  5s  UG/SF   deceased
Walter Harvey  Electrician - Coalface  5s & Valley  UG   deceased
Bill Hawkins    Blacksmith  5s &  Cannock Wood  SF   deceased
Brian Haymes  Electrician  5s  UG/SF    
Alan Hayward  Surveyor  5s & Staffordshire House  UG/SF    
Alf Herrington   Chargehand Mechanic  5s - Valley  UG   deceased
Bill Herrington  Mechanic/loco garage  5s  UG   deceased
George Samuel Hickenbottom  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG  1897 - 1955 deceased
George Hickenbottom  Miner - Coalface  5s  + various others            UG   deceased
Jim Hickenbottom  Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Jack Hickenbottom  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
George Higgins  Miner - Coalface shearer driver  5s & Valley  UG   deceased
Richard (Dickie) Hickson  Westinghouse  Mechanic  5s  UG/SF   deceased
Harry Holmer  Deputy  5s  UG   deceased
Billy Homer  Miner - Pit Bottom pumps       deceased
Edgar Holmes (the major)  Washery Manager  5s  SF   deceased
Richard (Dickie) Hooks  Miner - Coalface  5s & Littleton  UG    
Enoch Holston  Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Jack Holston  Electrician  5s & Valley  sf   deceased
Walter Holston  Miner general  5s  UG   deceased
George Hope  Assistant Mech Engineer  5s & Lea hall  UG    
Ian Houghton  Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG    
Jack Howes  Union Rep/Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Peter Hughes  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Dennis Humphries  Undermanager  5s & Granville  UG    
Sam Humphries   Blacksmith  5s  SF   deceased
Brian Hunter  Electrician  5s  SF   deceased
Rex Hunter  Miner / plant records  5s  UG   deceased
William Hyden  Miner  - Coalface  5s - Valley  UG   deceased
Len (doc) Hyden  Miner - Coalface  5s - Valley  UG   deceased
Neil (monk) Hyden  Miner - Header  5s & Littleton  UG    
Ralph Instone  Overman  5s & Littleton  UG   deceased
Ike Jaques  Training Officer  5s  UG/SF  1964 deceased
Reg Jenkins  Winding Engineman  5s  sf   deceased
David Jennings   Miner   5s   UG  1970s   
Richard (Dick) Jennings  Chief Surveyor  5s - Valley  UG/SF   deceased
Henry Joiner  Overman  5s, Walsall Wood  UG   deceased
Arthur Jones    5s  UG     
Bert Jones   Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Colin Jones  Electrician pit bottom garage  5s  UG   deceased
Eric (Jed Clampit) Jones  Mechanic - Coalface /heading  5s  UG   deceased
George Jones  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Jack Jones   Shaftsman  5s  SF   deceased
Jim Jones  Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Jim (Darcy) Jones  Mechanic - Coalface  5s & officer rescue station  UG   deceased
Keith Jones  Welder   5s & Littleton   SF/UG    
Joe Jones  Safety Officer  5s  UG/SF   deceased
Terry Jones  Loco Driver   5s   UG  1975-1982   
David Ketchion  Electrician   5s   UG  1969-1982 then Australia  
Jim Ketchion  Electrician   5s   UG    
Alan Kimber  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG    
Bill Kimberley    5s UG    
Victor Kirkham    5s UG   deceased
Jim Knight  Storeman  5s  SF   deceased
Jack Langston  Lorry Driver  5s & area garage  sf   deceased
Jim Langston  Check Office  5s  sf   deceased
Fred Lakin   Screens  5s & Fair Lady  SF   deceased
Alf Lane  Header  5s  UG   deceased
(blossom) Larner  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
David Larner  Carpenter/painter/sign writer  5s  sf   deceased
George Larner  Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Paul Larner  ?  5s      
Rocky Larner  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Joe Lawrence    5s      
Harry Lawton  Pit top circuit  5s  SF   deceased
Peter Lawton  Barford Driver  5s  sf    
Dimitar Lazic    5s  UG   deceased
Alan Leadbeater    5s  UG    
(Ciss) Leadbeater  Miner - general  5s  UG   deceased
George Leadbeater  Overman  5s & Lea hall  UG    
George I. Leadbeater    5s  UG    
Colin Leadbeater  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Leslie Leadbeater  Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Terry Leadbeater  Deputy  5s & Littleton  UG    deceased
Derrick (Biff) Leadbeater  Overman  5s & Littleton  UG    
Alan Lee  Miner - Loco Driver  5s  UG   deceased
Alfie Lee  Miner   5s   UG    
Charlie Lee  Miner general  5s  UG    deceased
Jack Lee  Miner general  5s  UG   deceased
Mick (Chippy) Lee  Miner   5s   UG    
Arthur Lewis   Blacksmith  5s  SF   deceased
Arthur Lewis   Miner officer/Deputy  5s  UG   deceased
Arthur Robert Lewis    5s     deceased
Harry Lewis    5s     deceased
Alec Lishman  Miner general  5s  UG   deceased
Jim Littler  Deputy Mechanical Engineer  5s &  Cannock Wood  UG/SF    
Keith Littley  Coal Face Electrician  5s & Mid Cannock  UG  1965 -1992  Brownhills
Albert Lycett  Shaftsman  5s & Valley &  3s  UG/SF    
Barry Lycett  Electrician  5s  UG  1963 - 1978  Rugeley
Peter Lycett  Electrician  5s + Valley +  3s  UG    
Arch Lyons    5s     deceased
Albert Mabley    5s  UG   deceased
Graham Mabley    5s     deceased
? McGuire  Miner  5s  UG   deceased
John Machin (or Potts)  Miner general  5s & Valley  UG   deceased
Pat Mc Coombe  miner  5s  UG    Rugeley
David Maddox  Carpenter  5s & Lea hall  sf    deceased
Sid Maddox snr  Stockyard  5s  sf    deceased
Sid Maddox jnr  Stockyard  5s  sf   deceased
Len Magill  Safety Officer  5s & Valley & Cannock Wood  UG/SF    deceased
Keith Manning    5s      
Fredrick Mapp    5s     deceased
Michael Marshall  Methane Drainage /Chack Fitter   5s / Granville/ Littleton   UG     
Alan Martin  Electrician - Coalface  5s & Area Workshops  UG    
John E Martin  Mechanic - Coalface  5s & Valley  UG    
Edward Martin  Miner   5s  UG   deceased
Monty Martin  Deputy Shafthead  5s  UG    deceased
Alan Mason  Mechanic  5s & Hilton Main  UG   deceased
Albert Mason  Under Manager  5s & Fair lady  UG/SF   deceased
Clarence Mason    5s     deceased
Bert Matthews    5s     deceased
Johnson Matthews  Deputy  5s & Lea Hall  UG   deceased
Trevor Matthews  Overman / Assistant Manager  5s & Littleton  UG    
Bill Maund  Deputy  5s  UG   deceased
Dennis Maund  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Jack Maund  Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Terrance Maund    5s     deceased
Pat McKerdy  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Bert Mears  Safety Engineer  5s  UG    
George Mears  Mechanic  5s  sf   deceased
Bertram Mellor  Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Brian Mellor   Overman  5s & Valley  UG   deceased
Fred Mellor  Miner  5s  UG    
John Mellor  Miner  5s  UG    
Samuel Mellor  Miner  5s      
Arnie Miles  Shaftsman  5s  UG   deceased
Royden Mills    5s     deceased
Frank Molinuex   Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
John Moore    5s      
Bill Morgan  Overman  5s  UG   deceased
Ken Morgan  Chock Fitter coalface  5s  UG   deceased
George Morris  Chargehand Electrician  5s  UG    
Brian Mosedale  Miner   5s   UG    deceased 
Alf Moseley    5s      
Frank Myrie  Mechanic - Coalface  5s & Hilton Main  UG   deceased
Cyril Nailer  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Russell Nelson  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG    
Jack Newton  Fireman  5s  UG   deceased
Fred Nicholas  Undermanager  5s  UG   deceased
Peter Nicholas  Undermanager  5s & Granville  UG    
William Nicholas    5s      
Bert Nicholls  Miner general  5s & Valley  UG   deceased
Ron Nicholls  Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Wilf Nicholls  Electrician - Coalface  5s  UG    
Len Nixon  Washery Foreman  5s  UG   deceased
Joe Norton   Mechanic - Coalface  5s & Littleton  UG   deceased
Les Nutting  Banksman  5s  sf   deceased
Ted Onions  Chock Fitter/Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Sid Osbourne  Welder  5s &  Wood  sf   deceased
Alan Owen  Electrician - Coalface  5s & Littleton  UG    
Bryn Owen  Pit Top Circuit  5s     deceased
Chris Owen  Electrician   5s   UG     
Graham Owen  Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Glynn Owen  Pit Top Circuit  5s  sf   deceased
Martin Owen  Electrician - Coalface  5s  ug    
Roy Owen  Pit Top Circuit  5s  sf   deceased
Barry Palmer  Mechanic - Coalface  5s & East  UG    
George Palmer  Electrician - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
William Henry Palmer  Screens  5s  s/f   deceased
Garry Parsons       Miner general  5s & Littleton  UG    
Peter Payne  Assistant Mechanical Engineer  5s & Valley  UG/SF   deceased
Jonas Pearson    5s      
Ken Phillips  Welder  5s  UG/SF    
Richard (Dick) Plant  Overman  5s & Lea hall  UG    
Bill Pinson  Check Office  5s & 5s club steward  sf   deceased
George Pointon    5s     deceased
Alan Poole  Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Albert Poole  Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Glen Poole  Electrician  5s & ?  UG   deceased
Stan Poole  Miner  5s  UG   deceased
John Powell    5s      
Bill Price  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Gary Price  Rope Fitter  5s & Granville  UG    
Jack Price  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
John Price    5s      
Mick Price  Assistant Mechanical Engineer  5s & Lea hall  UG/SF    
Steve Price  Electrician  5s & Lea Hall  UG    
Jack Prince    5s      
Ray Pritchard  Colliery Electrical Engineer  5s &  Wood  all   deceased
Gordon Pritchard  Mechanic/turner  5s  SF   deceased
George Prosser  Mechanic/Van driver  5s  SF   deceased
Les Pugh  Mechanic  5s& Valley  UG   deceased
Ken Purcell    5s      
Patyk  Crane Driver  5s  SF   deceased
Urus Raddick  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Tom Reaney  Minecar Repair  5s  sf   deceased
David Redding  Mechanic - Coalface  5s & Littleton  UG    
Peter Redding   Electrician - Coalface  5s / Lea Hall  UG  1975 -1982 - 1982- 1990  
Barry Reeves  Training Officer  5s  UG/SF  1970s deceased
Brian Richards  Miner  5s   UG    
Strath Richardson   Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
David Roach    5s      
Joe Roberts  Mobile plant driver  5s  sf   deceased
Bob Robinson  Storekeeper  5s  sf   deceased
Ernie Robinson  Deputy  5s & Littleton  UG   deceased
George Robinson  Electrician  5s  UG   deceased
Stan Robinson  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Bill Rowe  Mechanic  5s  sf   deceased
Bill Rogers   Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Arthur Rogers  Electrician - Coalface  5s  UG    
Paul Rogers  Storekeeper  5s  sf    
Tom Rogers  Miner - Coalface  5s & Valley  UG   deceased
Brian Rogers  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG    
Alan Roscoe  Mechanic - Coalface  5s & Valley & Lea Hall  UG   deceased
Ivor Rushton  Storeman  5s &  Wood  SF    
Ken Runham  Electrician   5s   UG    
Peter Rushton  Electrician - Coalface  5s  UG    
Jim Rutherford  Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Leonard Arthur Rough  Rock Header   5s   UG 1957 - 1969 deceased
Chris Rowland    5s      
Henry Rowley    5s     deceased
Stan Rowley  Latcher  5s  UG   deceased
John (Jack) Royster  Coal Face worker - Lamproom  5s  UG  1920 - 1951 deceased
Peter Royster  Overman  5s  UG   deceased
Jes Ryder  General Underground Miner  5s  UG   deceased
William Sambrook    5s     deceased
Arthur Sammonds        Surface Foreman  5s &  Wood  sf   deceased
Arnie Saunders           Miner - locos  5s  UG   deceased
Derek (nenka) Saunders  Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG    
Tommy Saunders  Miner - Lamproom  5s  UG/SF   deceased
Tom Saunders   Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Jack Sears  Assistant Mech Engineer  5s  UG   deceased
Cliff Schofield  Foreman Mechanic  5s  UG   deceased
Bill Schofield  Pipe Fitter  5s  UG    
Fred Scott  Assistant Electrician Engineer    UG/SF   deceased
Dick Seymour  Stockyard burner (gas cutting)  5s  SF   deceased
David Shale  Miner  5s  UG   deceased
George Sharratt  Timekeeper  5s  sf   deceased
Barry Shaw  Westinghouse Mechanic  5s & Littleton  UG/SF    
Bob Shaw  Miner  5s  UG    
Emily Shaw  Secretary  5s  offices    
Geoff Shaw  Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Tom Shaw                  Boiler Minder  5s  sf    
Lance Shemwell    Miner - Rockheader  5s  UG    
Norman Shemwell  Minecar Repairs  5s  UG   deceased
Jack John Edward Sherwood Bevan Boy - Miner  5s UG 1944-45 Great Bridge
Alfred Simkiss  Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Hungie Simms  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG  died at work n/c deceased
Singh  Chock Fitter/Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Charles Skinner    5s     deceased
Geoff Slater  Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Dan Smallman  Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Bill Smith  Banksman  5s  sf   deceased
Dave Smith  Electrician   5s   sf    
Dick Smith    Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Frank Smith  Deputy  5s  UG    
Gordon Smith    5s      
Joe Smith  Westinghouse Mechanic  5s  UG/SF   deceased
John Smith  Deputy Mechanical Engineer  5s & Lea hall  UG/SF  emigrated  Australia 1978s  
Peter Smith   Mechanic  5s  SF   deceased
Sid Smith  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG  found dead  901s Park deceased
Tom Smith  Banksman   5s   sf   deceased 
Trevor Smith  Deputy Electrical Engineer  5s & Littleton  ug/sf   deceased
William Smith    5s      
William Smith    5s      
Norman Sparks  Powered Support Officer  5s & Littleton  UG    
George Spooner  Electrician - Coalface  5s  UG    
Sam Spooner  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Basil Sprigg  Electrician - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Frank Stanley  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG    
Percy Stanley    5s      
Sister Stocker  Colliery Nurse  5s  UG/SF   deceased
Barry Stocking  Method Study  5s  UG/SF   deceased
Sidney Stokes    5s      
Jim Straugham  Deputy Mechanical Engineer  5s & North Staffs  UG/SF  1982 : -Channel Tunnel  
Ron Strudwick  Assistant Mechanical Engineer  5s & Valley  UG/SF   deceased
Ernie Strudwick Miner  5s UG   deceased
Harold Summerfield  Winding  Engineman  5s  SF   deceased
Arthur Swan  Foreman Electrician  5 & ?  UG - SF   deceased
Ernie (Nanka) Talbot  Miner - Header/Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Joe (the crow) Talbot  Miner - Header/Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Arthur (Pat / arty) Talbot  Washery Mechanic  5s  sf   deceased
Barry Tattler   Mechanic  5s  UG   deceased
Fredrick Taylor    5s      
George Taylor  Bricklayer/shaftsman  5s  SF - ug    
Gerard Taylor  Cashier  5s  sf   deceased
Happy Taylor    Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Geoff Teece  Winder Fitter  5s  UG - SF   deceased
John Teirnan  Electrician - Coalface  5s & Mid Cannock?  ug   deceased
Casty Thacker  Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Fredrick Thomas    5s      
Len Thomas  Pipe Fitter  5s  ug   deceased
Wilf Thomas  Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
James Thompson    5s      
A Thorneycroft  Electrician  5s  UG    
Peter Tipton  Mechanic - Coalface  5s & Granville  UG   deceased
John R Tomkinson    5s      
Cliff Tooth     Winding Engineman  5s  SF   deceased
Michael Tooth  Winding Engineman  5s  SF    
Mick Totty  Mechanic - Coalface  5s  ug 5s & South Africa back UK  
Dick Tranter  Miner - Coalface  5s  ug   deceased
Ernie Tranter  Lamproom  5s  sf   deceased
Jack Tranter  Miner - Coalface  5s  ug   deceased
Edward Trow    5s      
Robert (Bob) Trow  Miner - Coalface  5s  ug    
Albert Trubshaw  Turner/machinist  5s &  Wood  sf   deceased
Jake Turner   Mechanic - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Charles Turnock    5s     deceased
Geoff Turnock  Electrician - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Bill Twyeman  Deputy  5s  ug   deceased
Alf Walker  Plant Driver  5s     deceased
George (Ken) Walker  Assistant Electrician Engineer  5s & Lea hall  UG/SF   deceased
Ray Wall  Mechanic - Coalface  5s & officer rescue station  UG   deceased
Roy Walklate  Banksman  5s  sf   deceased
Derrick (Sugar) Walker  Overman  5s  UG   deceased
Ernie Walker  Miner - coalface - header  5s & Littleton  UG   deceased
Ernie (Bing) Walker  Deputy  5s & Valley  UG   deceased
Roy Walker  Miner  5s  UG    deceased
Ray Walsh  Miner   5s   UG     
Jess Waltho   Mech Secretary records  5s  SF   deceased
Mush Waltho  Deputy  5s  UG   deceased
Ron Wainwright  Electrician  5s  SF   deceased
Bill Waite  Electrician  5s  UG   deceased
Colin (spider)Ward  Electrician - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Harry Ward  Electrician - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
John Ward    5s      
Ernie Warrender  Head Storekeeper  5s  sf   deceased
Derrick Wassell  Miner        
Charlie Wassell  Deputy  5s  UG   deceased
Alf Watkins  Miner-Coal Face   5s   UG   deceased
Clive Watkins  Miner   5s   UG  then gold mining South Africa   
Arthur Watson  Ropeman/fitter  5s  UG   deceased
Alan Westwood  Deputy  5s & Littleton  UG    
Enoch Westwood    5s      
Melvyn Westwood  Deputy  5s & Littleton  UG    
Peter Westwood  Lorry Driver    5s  (from Area Garage)  SF    
Frank (ginger) Whitehouse  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Eric Whitehouse  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG    
George Whitehouse   Painter  5s  SF    
William Lancelot Whitehouse   Miner -  Coalface  5s   UG   1971  deceased
Lol Whitehouse   Van driver/Stores  5s  SF   deceased
Bert Whittaker   Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Cyril Whittle  Blacksmith  5s & ?  sf   deceased
George Whittle  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Cyril Wildigg    5s     deceased
David Wilding  Deputy Head Surveyor  5s  UG/SF   deceased
Jim Wildigg    5s      
Claude Wilkinson    5s      
Harold Williams  Plant Records  5s  SF   deceased
Wilf (pip) Williams  Mechanic  5s  SF   deceased
Reg Williams  Deputy  5s  UG    
Sam Williams  Workshops Mechanic  5s  SF   deceased
Steven Williams  Banksman  5s  sf    
Tom Williams  Mechanic surface garage/locos  5s  SF   deceased
Walter Williams  Stockyard  5s  sf    
W H Williscroft  Miner  5s  ug    deceased
W J Williscroft  Mechanic - Coalface  5s & Lea Hall  UG    
Harry Wilkes  Electrician - Coalface  5s  UG    
Harold ( Agie) Wilson  Electrician - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Leonard Winfindale    5s     deceased
John Witton  Westinghouse Mechanic  5s & Littleton  UG/SF    
Philip Wood  Area Chock Fitters  5s  UG/SF    
Gordon Woodhead  Deputy  5s  UG    deceased
George Woolley  Mechanic  5s  UG    deceased
Roger Worthington  Electrician - Face/Development  5s & Littleton rescue man @ both  UG  1971-1993  
Jack Wright     Miner  5s  UG   deceased
Derrick Wyke   Onsetter  5s  UG   deceased
Ninky Wyke  Onsetter  5s  UG   deceased
George Yates  Miner - Coalface  5s  UG   deceased
Phillip Yeomen's  Barford Driver  5s & Littleton  SF    
Miscellaneous names to be completed if you can help email put completed names in main text body  
Reg        ----------  Loco Driver    UG   deceased
Michael ---------- (polish lad)  Loading Point  5s Northwest shallow  UG   deceased
Albert Hudson (Bevin boy)  locos Shunter  lodged with Simon Edwards   UG   deceased
Nelson  Miner  5s     deceased